All hypnosis is self hypnosis. No one can hypnotize you without your consent ~ Anon

Hypnosis Downloads

The Easiest Way to Induce Hypnosis and Receive Positive Suggestions For Any Current Issues You May be Experiencing…


The kinds of suggestions offered during hypnotherapy, or that you give yourself or while listening to a guided audio experience, are designed to enable you to heal more rapidly, manage stress, improve your performance, change your behavior patterns, and become the person you most want to be.

In our sessions, I will not only teach you how to induce hypnosis for yourself, but together we can create the right suggestions for you to use.

But what if you want to have recordings of hypnosis sessions to use as often as you would like, perhaps in bed at night, or first thing in the morning when the house is quiet? Then I highly recommend the Uncommon Knowledge (UNK) Hypnosis downloads. I completed training in the past with these guys and continue learning from them now: they really know their stuff. Their experience and world-wide popularity, not only with their clients, but importantly with therapists, such as myself, speaks volumes to their credibility. I rarely recommend anyone or anything, but when I do, you can be assured that I have personal, positive experience to back it up.

With these downloads you can easily and instantly have access to inexpensive but powerful, self-hypnosis recordings on just about ANY issue you can imagine and would want to work on. Even though these are more ‘generic’, in other words, not created for you personally, they have still proven to be powerful boosters for many of my clients, strengthening the personal one-on-one work that we do together.

I do encourage you to check the list out below and see if any sound relevant for you or perhaps even for someone you know. If so, go ahead and click on the link, it will take you to their page where you can learn more about the issue and the available downloads.




My Unique Approaches

I don’t confine myself to any single theoretical orientation. I utilize a variety of approaches favouring brief solution focused (BSF) methods. My goal is to ensure you get the changes you want both effectively and quickly.

My practice is influenced by Positive psychology, Buddhist Psychology and Mindfulness, Human Givens psychology, Internal Family Systems, Focusing, Emotional Intelligence, Positive NeuroPlasticity Therapies and Hypnosis.

It's All About You

I may have a favorite theory or therapeutic technique that I tend to use more often or fall back on, but I am always willing to and often use all that are available to me.

After all, the key here is to help the client as quickly and as effectively as possible ~ Not to pigeon-hole them into some set way of looking at all people, whether it works for them or not.

Contact me if you could benefit from a therapist who will work with you to find the solutions that YOU want, efficiently and effectively.



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